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See The Truth..

You have to see this. [Mon]

Also, I went 4-0 for the first time ever in a prerelease yesterday with a deck featuring Creakwood Liege, Murkfiend Liege, Spawnwrithe and stuff like Canker Abomination.

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Morningtide haul! [Sun]
Those bolded are actually worth something.

Kinsbaile Crusher
Feudkiller's Verdict
Grimoire Thief
Notorious Throng
Mind Spring X 2
Sigil Tracer
Supreme Exemplar
Fendeep Summoner X 2
Auntie's Snitch
Scarblade Elite
Mind Shatter
Shared Animosity
Reach of Branches X 2
Gilt-Leaf Archdruid
Murmuring Bosk
Primal Beyond
Vendilion Clique!
Rhys the Exiled

Yay opening boosters with Bon is funnn.

See The Truth..

I need someone to talk to because everything is so dark right now.

See The Truth..

I'm bored already!

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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Finish The Fight [Tue]
8.00-10.00: Return of Chem Paper 3
10.00-10.30: Recess Break
10.30-12.00: Return of Chem Papers 1 & 2

13.30-15.00: Return of Math Papers 1 & 2
15.00-15.30: Mrs Yap
15.30-16.00: Mrs Yap Treat! 

Exciting day indeedy.

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LFKards. [Fri]
I want Warped Devotion. Does anyone have Warped Devotions? I would like lots of them. Thanksss!

See The Truth..

lol mememe. [Mon]
(koped off bon!)

1. Go to Career Cruising, www.careercruising.com
2. Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top twenty results.
5. Put the careers you have seriously considered/would find interesting in bold.
6. Put the careers that make you think "WTF" in italics.

1. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
2. Director of Photography
3. Director
4. Set Designer
5. Costume Designer
6. Addictions Counselor
7. Art Director
8. Rehabilitation Counselor
9. Website Designer
10. Lobbyist
11. Sport Psychology Consultant
12. Humanitarian Aid Worker
13. Special Effects Technician
14. Desktop Publisher
15. Actor
16. Stylist
17. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
18. Animator
19. Mediator
20. Clergy 

Ironically, I can't draw for nuts.

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Big moneys? [Thu]

Does anyone know how I can get rid of a Tarmogoyf? Evidently it's worth about US$25 right now, and I want to dump it before the price drops.

Um it's in mint condition...

See The Truth..

Caffeine poisoning is real, man. You know what sucks? After all the nausea and dizziness, you realise you can't sleep it off.

I can't SLEEP.

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